How to make money from android apps? It’s time to reveal the reality behind android app monetization magic. Without more ado, let's discuss about the ideas that makes money when your Android app is free.

Making money from android app monetization technique involves showing ads to users of the app.
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All main app stores like Apple app store, Google android market, rims app world, Nokia Ovi store and much more, have already created billions of money in terms of profit over the previous few years.

Mobile apps have currently emerged as one of the simplest and best ways to advertise and sell merchandise and services, encourage social sharing of data and usually encourage mobile users towards developing and maintaining brand trust.

With numerous varieties of mobile devices and new mobile operating systems returning into the market these days, app development is emerging a lot of profitable than ever before.

The mobile app development market is huge and offers nice scope for app developers and corporations to succeed beyond their expectation, by investing a very little amount of initial investment. The success of an app depends upon the number of individuals using it and additionally amount of time they spent on it.

There are thousands of standard apps out in the market, which are downloaded many times by a users. But only a few of them are capable of generating the kind of revenue that the largest apps did. eg (angry birds by Rovio)

For the instance of angry birds, Rovio had announced a free version of the app for the android market. This version conjointly came with an advertising bar on it and this is exactly where the particular revenue came from.

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