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Alphagravel is a top mobile advertising network which cares about providing the best value for app publishers.

Alphagravel is a top mobile advertising network which cares about providing the best value for app publishers.

Alphagravel platform is engineered to leverage real-time big data predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to learn the true price of your mobile inventory, routing the highest paying advertising content to your mobile.

Features such as analytics and control panels are much needed for mobile ad networks today, and Alphagravel’s dashboard provides a real-time view of granular analytics across apps and geos.

With one mobile advertising SDK, every developer on the Alphagravel platform gets intelligently automated mediation, price transparency, algorithmic smart routing, dynamic waterfalling, conversion optimization, automated fraud detection, and a consolidated view of mobile advertising which spend across 195 countries in every second of the day. Our alpha-cop tm algorithm ensures that non-performing networks are black-listed and removed in real-time.

Alphagravel mobile advertising SDK serves as a gateway to multiple advertising networks, ad exchanges, and ever-growing new media sources.

Whenever the user clicks on an ad in your app Alphagravel ensures that partner ad networks pay for that interaction, and that developers get the most from their app viewership. Alphagravel and its partner ad networks are very well for android monetization across different android app markets.

Integrate the Alphagravel SDK once, and forget about releasing new code into production. Alphagravel takes away the burden of dealing with each ad network.


Once logged into your dashboard, simply move your slider to your preferred guaranteed revenue


Set to auto-optimize if you want the Alphagravel platform to algorithmically determine the optimal price for your inventory


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